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Episode 172: Cross Fyre (Festival Documentary Reaction Episode)

February 4, 2019

It's February, which means The Passionate DJ Podcast is back!
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During our break, the Internet was abuzz with the unveiling of two rival documentaries about the utopian island festival that never was.

We watched both the Netflix and Hulu versions, and then brought our perspectives back to this episode.

This episode contains SPOILER ALERTS!

If you plan on watching the documentaries, you may want to watch them *before* listening to this episode.

Fyre Festival was meant to be a musical utopia for well-to-do millennials. Instead, it turned into the festival disaster of the decade.

We talk about the differences in both documentaries (both in content, and in tone), the extreme measures that were taken by some of the workers, and the absolutely disastrous handling of the attendees.

We talk about how the failed festival wreaked havoc for the locals, the financial ruin it caused for business owners, and contemplate whether the debacle has had a lasting negative impact on the overall music scene.

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