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Episode 169: Scam Alerts w/DJ Serrato

Episode 169: Scam Alerts w/DJ Serrato

December 17, 2018

Today in Episode 169, we present a conversation between Mo Dingo and another one of our Passionate DJ Ambassadors, Noel aka DJ Serrato of Phoenix, AZ. As an active mobile DJ advertising his services, he has encountered many different scams and has nearly fallen victim himself.

Noel listened to our episode with DJ Brains last week (Mobile DJ Life), and a Craigslist scam was mentioned that sounded very familiar. In this episode, we explore some of the red lights and warning signs to help keep yourself (and your money) safe!

In the introduction, Tony and David talk about shadiness in the EDM/festival industry, trade booking, and more.

Also, we should mention that we have a winner for our Passionate DJ Holiday Giveaway! Congratulations to Brent Roberts of Cincinnati for being the lucky winner of a Reloop Beatpad 2! As it turns out, it's Brent's birthday too. Awesome!

We'll see you next week for our annual Holiday Record Exchange episode... the whole crew will be in-studio!

Episode 168: Mobile DJ Life w/DJ Brains

Episode 168: Mobile DJ Life w/DJ Brains

December 10, 2018

In Episode 168, David and Mo hang out with special guest and Passionate DJ Ambassador, DJ Brains! In our conversation, we talk about the ins and outs of mobile DJing.

Brains (aka Leo) specializes in weddings, corporate events, and other types of mobile gigs requiring him to bring his own sound and lighting rigs, take requests, and work with responsible parties to ensure a smooth night. With the help of his wife, Leo has been able to run a successful mobile DJ business for years, making sure that he does it on his own terms.

Since Mo does quite a few mobile gigs himself (especially in the fitness space), he also shares his insight about these types of shows. And while the topic is based around mobile DJing, there are plenty of golden nuggets of knowledge to be collected by all types of DJs.

Leo and Mo also talk about their recent attempts at using cloud or streaming libraries in the DJ booth (such as the Spotify integration offered by Algoriddim's djay PRO 2, or the now-defunct PulseLocker service), and tell us whether or not they think streaming is ready for "prime time".

Leo also shares some fascinating (and scary) stories about some recent scams that he nearly fell victim to, and how other mobile DJs can avoid these issues!

By the way – we're giving away a Reloop Beatpad 2 for Christmas! Enter here:

Special thanks to DJ Brains, not only for joining us on today's show, but for being a longtime fan and Ambassador of The Passionate DJ Podcast!

Episode 167: Well Rounded DJs w/Brian Savage

Episode 167: Well Rounded DJs w/Brian Savage

December 3, 2018

* Note: the mic cut out at the beginning and we lost 2 or 3 minutes. Ain't technology great? To catch you up: Tony met Brian who was DJing at a local club back in the 90s. He began to observe, study, and learn the craft of DJing by watching Brian work. They've been great friends for over 20 years.


Today on The Passionate DJ Podcast we have a chat with Brian Savage: club DJ, mobile DJ, radio personality, and a brand ambassador for Denon. He also works behind-the-scenes with the team for Shaquille O'Neal - aka DJ Diesel.

Brian and Tony have known each other for over two decades (in fact, Brian introduced Tony to many DJing concepts back in the early 90s). Brian's body of work covers many different areas of DJing. He's basically done it all, and has always fearlessly pursued gigs of all times.

This breadth of experience makes him a well-rounded DJ, and experienced industry insider.

We cover many different DJ-related topics in this freeform conversation. Enjoy!


Episode 166: Hometown Hustle feat. KimL

Episode 166: Hometown Hustle feat. KimL

November 26, 2018

Today, David sits down with KimL to chat about small-town DJing, electronic music, mixing hardware, and more!

Kim has been DJing for about three years, and in that time she has made a name for herself in her local scene. From warming up rooms for the likes of AC Slater and Paul Oakenfold, to her bi-monthly gig at an extremely successful Silent Disco, Kim has quickly built a resumé to be proud of.


With a few residencies, and several headliner support gigs under her belt, Kim has hit the ground running with her DJ hustle. She insists on doing it her way (only taking gigs which are of interest to her, or her career) and treats DJing as a passion first.

Kim shares her experience as it relates to self-promotion, equality, learning to crowd read, and adjusting a failing business model.

We also take a voicemail message from Sean (which you can also do, at!), and end with a clip from our bonus show.


Episode 165: Visiting The Asylum

Episode 165: Visiting The Asylum

November 19, 2018


Today on the Passionate DJ Podcast, we're taking a trip to The Asylum with special guest co-host Matt Freeman.

What's The Asylum? Well, during the 90s and early 2000s, it was an alternative dance club on Patterson Rd. in downtown Dayton, OH.

Matt used to DJ at this legendary local venue, which brought many different cliques and social groups together. You’d hear techno, industrial, hip hop, disco, 80s wave and all sorts of music in-between.

From the big crowded dance floor, to the staring mannequins, to the DJ booth built out of a speed boat... The Asylum was a unique experience for those who were lucky enough to visit it.

If you are a local listener, you can experience The Asylum vibe for yourself for one night only, Friday Nov. 23rd at the reunion show (hosted at Therapy Cafe, 452 E 3rd Street in Dayton.)

In an interview with online magazine Dayton Most Metro, Matt said of the club, "The memories of the Asylum are endless. If you were a part of that time, you know how easy it is to still share stories with a fellow club goer even after being closed for over 13 years. Maybe it was the fact the venue brought straight edge kids, goths, punks, b-boys, ravers, college students and outcasts together and it all just made sense. You’d hear techno, industrial, hip hop, disco, 80s wave and it all simply worked. No cell phones, rarely a camera, it was what it was, and you had to be there to experience it all so you never wanted to miss a night. There was a sense of urgency to always be in attendance. "


Thanks to Matt for sharing his experiences with us!


Episode 164: 10 Traits of Unique DJs

Episode 164: 10 Traits of Unique DJs

November 12, 2018


In Episode 164 of the podcast, David is joined by Passionate DJ Ambassador Greg Lane, aka Gmoney. Greg and David crawl over responses from our Passionate DJ Facebook Group, answering "What's unique about your own DJing style?" We take these responses and turn them into ten individual traits of unique DJs.

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The ten traits we discuss are:

  • Adaptability (Knowing how to pivot, working within a set of circumstances)
  • Adventurousness (Going outside of the box)
  • Eclecticism (Reaching into unlikely areas for musical inspiration)
  • Entertaining (Mic work, personality, wit)
  • Patience (Restraint as a DJ, attention span as a listener)
  • Musicianship (Using musical knowledge to your advantage)
  • Open-mindedness (Allowing ourselves to be inspired)
  • Preparedness (Putting in work now to reap the benefits later)
  • Diverseness (Playing more than one kind of music)
  • Authenticity (Staying true to yourself)

As DJs, we often get stuck in our own little box. It becomes easy to stay within our comfort zone. In today's episode, we hope to inspire you to embrace what's unique about YOUR DJing style.

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Episode 163: 8-Bit Upbringing (Music of the Commodore 64)

Episode 163: 8-Bit Upbringing (Music of the Commodore 64)

November 5, 2018

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In Episode 163, we explore the music of a quirky old box from the 1980s called the Commodore 64. Thanks to the power of its onboard synthesizer, called the SID chip, the C64 was capable of producing lots of amazing and iconic sounds.

To do this episode properly, I brought in a special co-host: my Dad.

Back when I was growing up, I watched him create several volumes of mixtapes containing the music of this weird old computer. Today, we share some of these old chiptunes with you (played from a real, vintage Commodore 64c), and explain why we love them so much. We also talk about the process of creating the mixtapes, and the thought process behind them.

While we know this episode is a bit off the beaten path, we hope you'll enjoy our little trip down memory lane. 🕹

Special Thanks:

High Voltage SID Collection

Stone Oakvalley's Authentic SID Collection 

C64 Wiki 

SD2IEC (SD card reader for the Commodore) 


Episode 162: New Software Updates for DJs

Episode 162: New Software Updates for DJs

October 29, 2018

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In today's episode, we talk about all the recent news in the DJ software space... including the latest release of Traktor Pro 3! The new Traktor brings several new features to the table, including the new "Mixer FX" which are one-knob effects similar to the Pioneer "Color FX" system. There's also a redesigned UI, improved time-stretching algorithms, and included DVS (timecode) support without the need for a separate "Traktor Scratch" license.

We also talk about SoundCloud, and it's coming integration with several pieces of DJ software including Traktor, Virtual DJ, and Serato. Serato is also getting access to music service Tidal. We also talk about a new Mixed in Key release, the issues with upgrading to Mac OS Mojave, and the story of how Proton is bringing DJ mixes to Spotify.

We wrap the episode with an edited-down version of David's Traktor "unboxing" video, where he tests it for the first time and records his results.

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Episode 161: Discovering Stage Life w/Cryztal Grid

Episode 161: Discovering Stage Life w/Cryztal Grid

October 22, 2018

Electronic music duo Cryztal Grid re-joins us this week on The Passionate DJ Podcast to chat about their first year of performing together.

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Since forming their band last August, Cody and Gerrad reflect on what they've learned by performing in night clubs and festival stages all across Ohio.... and what their next steps are, to stay on their hustle.

These fellas are very motivated to further their careers as musical artists, and there is much to be learned from their experiences as they constantly "throw themselves under the bus" for the good of the music.

We also get insight from Tony on his recent stage management adventures, as his 2018 festival season starts coming to a close.

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Episode 160: Fresh Local Producers

Episode 160: Fresh Local Producers

October 15, 2018

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Today we're talking with John Becker of Fresh Local Producers. The goal of FLP is to spotlight and bring together producers of electronic music who live, work, record, and perform in the Midwest.

Based out of Cincinnati, FLP aims to bring together music creators, and to show fans that they don't have to travel far to hear incredible quality electronic music while supporting their own scene.

John explains to David that he wants to promote a feeling of togetherness in the scene which escaped him when he entered the scene. Fresh Local Producers gives people like John a place to learn, share, and grow. We also spend some time discussing the struggles of music producers, and how they are similar (and different) from those related to DJing.

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