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Episode 184: Back to Business

Episode 184: Back to Business

September 30, 2019

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The Passionate DJ Podcast RETURNS from a long break! After a long summer... and spring... David, Tony, and Mo get together in the studio to catch up and talk about the happenings of the season.

We talk about:

• Our break, and Passionate DJ going forward
• Happenings in our home town #DaytonStrong
• Fam Jam I
• New hardware: Roland DJ-707M, Pioneer DDJ-1000SRT, Pioneer DDJ-SB3-N Gold and HDJ-X5BT-N Gold, V-Moda Crossfade M-100, MasterSounds Radius Two Valve, Alpha Model 9900
• DJ news: streaming service updates, layoffs at Native Instruments, Phase firmware updates, Apple kills iTunes

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We're glad to be back...
Keep On Spinning!

Episode 183: Knocking The Dust Off

Episode 183: Knocking The Dust Off

April 22, 2019

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In today's episode, David and Trip talk about DJ hardware upgrades, the struggles of time management, the pros and cons of RGAS (Rapid Gear Acquisition Syndrome), gaining motivation, and general life stuff.

Trip recently picked up a new production toy, trading up his old Native Instruments Kontrol S25 keyboard for the sexy new edition of the S49, with all black keys. We get his first impressions on the new keyboard, talk about some of the latest features of Kontrol and MASCHINE, and drool over the "murdered out" look.

We also spend a little bit of time discussing the struggles of committing to a particular DJ platform. While most "typical" DJ gigs at a club lean towards the ease of use of Rekordbox, there's something to be said about the features offered by other software-centric companies like Native Instruments or Serato.

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Episode 182: Life,  Money, and DJing w/Alex of The DJ Hookup

Episode 182: Life, Money, and DJing w/Alex of The DJ Hookup

April 15, 2019

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On today's episode of The Passionate DJ Podcast, David speaks with Alex Pyatetsky of The DJ Hookup. Alex has a long history within the DJ community, including a 10-year pursuit as a DJ himself. Now, Alex runs the highest-rated online retailer for DJ hardware for several years running.

Here are a few of the things we discuss in this week's show:

  • Why some DJs are perpetually broke
  • Networking as a DJ
  • Existing within the DJ communityGetting more DJ gigs
  • The value in mobile DJing

...and much more!

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Episode 181: Live From Dayton Podfest

Episode 181: Live From Dayton Podfest

April 8, 2019

In today's episode we present a recording from Dayton Podfest where David and Mo spoke in front of a crowd about podcast production, content creation, and why we're passionate about DJing.

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We discuss our roles in production, the struggles we have with time management, the pros and cons of working on a team... as well as some stories about how we use DJing to help attach music to an important memory.

The audio from this show was originally published on The Gem City Podcast, and is being shared here with the permission of Terry "Izzy Rock". Video provided by Passionate DJ. 

Preceding the main segment, we speak to Chris who was running audio for the event. He gives us some insight on lights and sound from his 30 years of stage experience.

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Episode 180: Spring Updates for DJs

Episode 180: Spring Updates for DJs

April 1, 2019

Today, we go over recent news headlines in the DJ and music industries as we head into the spring season. Here are the news topics we cover in Episode 180:

Serato DJ Pro 2.1.1 Released

Lets you sync up with Roland drum machines (e.g. TR-8S, TR-8, TR-08, TR-09)
Remapping capability for OSAs (Official Serato Accessories, e.g. Novation Dicer, Reloop RP-8000MK2)*
Independent pad modes per OSA device
* Excludes CDJ/HID devices

Rekordbox 5.4.4 beta Released

“Cloud Analysis”
Track Analysis data sharing between users
Reduce overall time that users spend analyzing music, by downloading it from server whenever possible

Traktor 3.1 Update

Overmapping (for Kontrol S4, S8, D2, S2)
Alter function of a single knob/button in an “additive” way, without destroying entire mapping.
Standalone Mixer for S4
Firmware update. Filter still works!
New View Options
Preparation view (single deck)
Parallel waveforms (2 or 4 decks)
External Mixing (bypasses all internal audio processing)
Gets cleanest and clearest signal straight out of Traktor for pro systems. Can still use limiter.
Tag-writing Mode (select whether to write tags to files)
Preferences Tooltips (to understand what everything does)

Speaking of Native Instruments...
A recent Windows Update “killed” several NI products without warning
In latest builds of Windows 10, 8, and 7, the Kontrol S4 mk2, Maschine Studio, and Komplete Kontrol S-Series keyboards were all unrecognized by the OS.
Problem now fixed

Mixvibes Cross DJ 4 Released

“Album Cover” view in library
Parallel Waveforms
Customizable UI through Maquillage (scripting language)
Touch-screen compatibility
3 synchronized FX per player, create your own FX with “Tweaker”
SoundCloud Go integration
Improved Autoplay
“Phrase Analysis” - find the intro, outro, “best track parts”
Master clock & Ableton Link
New remote app for iOS and Android
“Track match” and “Track playlist” panes
Import/Export from Rekordbox, Serato DJ, Traktor, and Virtual DJ
Export to external USB

Kado Shuts Down

Kado was an app that let you drag a song from your collection, and pull tracklist data from thousands of DJs (see what was played before/after, and by whom)
Operations will cease on March 31, 2019. All subscriptions have been canceled.
Founded by two former Twitter and Google employees + Ean Golden

Rane Twelve allowed at DMC

“RANE and DMC are excited to jointly announce that the RANE TWELVE motorized turntable controller is now officially accepted as performance hardware in the DMC mixing championship events from this year onwards. This announcement includes all regional heats, finals and the online competitions. To support this, RANE is offering custom made 12” acrylic control discs to any DJ that competes in the 2019 DMC globally using the TWELVES.”

Streaming Music Domination

RIAA report: streaming services now account for 75% of music industry revenue
Digital downloads = almost half of industry sales, but dropped by 25% from 2017
Vinyl sales saw its most profitable year since 1988, at $419 million

Beatport LINK is almost here

In-software integration of Beatport library
Store songs in an “offline locker”, making it available for use in DJ apps
Based on Pulselocker technology, which they purchased in 2018.
Platforms haven’t been announced, but Pulselocker was integrated w/Serato DJ Pro, Virtual DJ, Rekordbox DJ

Return of Beatsource

Partnered with DJ City
Caters to open-format, Top-40 DJs needing access to charting songs
DJ City’s record pool will be accessible within BeatSource
Will work with Beatport LINK, potentially making this a great resource for mobile/wedding DJs!

Spotify vs. Apple Music

Spotify filed complaint with the European Commission, after resolving directly with Apple Music team didn’t work.
Spotify alleges that paying a 30% tax via Apple’s forced payment system, it gives their platform an unfair advantage.

Warner Makes Deal with Dubset

Dubset is a startup which help DJs publish licensed songs, and monetize.
Helps give access to artists like Daft Punk, Bruno Mars, Cardi B, etc.
Sets can be distributed via Spotify and Apple Music.
Sony was the first to partner, in August 2017, followed by Tidal and Merlin. In October 2018, SoundCloud partnered with Dubset to add them as a distribution channel.

SoundCloud Premier Distribution

Get payouts from all major music services (e.g. Amazon Music, Apple Music, Instagram, Spotify, Tencent, and YouTube Music).
No additional cost… comes as part of SoundCloud Pro or Pro Unlimited.

Fyre Festival Merch Auction

Your chance to win branded t-shirts and other merch from the infamous festival that never was.
All proceeds of the event go to those who were scammed.
Billy McFarland left a $25M+ debt when his event collapsed, and is currently serving a 6-year sentence in an NYC jail after pleading guilty to fraud. (Cross Fyre)

Kernkraft 400 turns 20

The Zombie Nation classic celebrated its 20th anniversary on March 18.
The most well-known version is actually the later-added DJ Gius remix.
“It was a weird feeling because this track kind of became the original,” the creator recalls. “A lot of labels didn’t bother to say it’s a remix.”

And finally, RIP to Keith Flint of The Prodigy. <3

Episode 179: Pick 3 (Trance Edition)

Episode 179: Pick 3 (Trance Edition)

March 25, 2019

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Today is the return of our Pick 3 series, and this time it's all about TRANCE! On Pick 3, each co-host brings in three tracks that fit the category and shares it with the group as we react and discuss.

Today, you'll hear trance magic from several different time periods, from the 90's on... and our special returning guest B-Funk shares his own brand of rainbows and unicorns with the rest of us old school trance-heads.

The songs you'll hear in today's episode:

Tiesto - Traffic
Libra pres. Taylor - Calling Your Name

GTR - Mistral

Signum - First Strike (Sebastian Brandt Remix)

Robert Miles - Children (Quivver Remix)

Cass & Slide - Perception

Michelle Nicole - Time

BT - Flaming June

Union Jack - Papillon

and finally, we send off with a bonus classic:
Chicane - Saltwater

B-Funk has been producing music since late 2012. He started making house edit and trap bootlegs of classic hip hop songs before stepping into making original house music tracks in 2013.

Raised on Hip Hop and Top 40 music in his home of Athens, Ohio he has a strong understanding of the crowd and uses this past knowledge to weave a seamless mix between Electro, Progressive, Trap, Moombah, and Party Jams in his sets. B-FUNK is a DJ first, that keeps things fresh with a constant mix of genres and styles focused on creating a truly kinetic experience.

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Episode 178: DJ Axcess

Episode 178: DJ Axcess

March 18, 2019

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In today's episode we speak with Mike Salone, also known as DJ Axcess. Mike is a busy guy to say the least: he plays 40-50 weddings a year, hosts loads of corporate events (with a specialty in sports), and has worked with clients such as NCAA, The Ohio State University, IBM, Target, and many more.

Not only that, but he has an impressive club and festival resume, having performed alongside artists like Boyz II Men, Kesha, Martin Garrix, Steve Aoki, Skrillex, Claptone, 3LAU, and Nicole Moudaber. He's made appearances at Breakaway Music Festival, Haunted Fest, Number Fest, Ohio State Welcome Concert, and Buckeyethon. It was fun to talk to Mike about "DJ Axcess the service" vs. "DJ Axcess the artist".

We talk a bit about gear, including his current preferred setup: the Rane Twelves (* and the Rane Seventy-Two mixer (*. We also talk about how he uses SoundSwitch to control impressive-looking visuals that work in perfect sync with his music.

Finally, we also discuss streaming, Tidal, YouTube, and how all these things currently factor into our DJing. This episode is loaded full of golden nuggets, and for as many topics as we covered, we end up going pretty deep into several.

Learn all about Mike and connect with him via social media:

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Episode 177: Ask Us Anything IV

Episode 177: Ask Us Anything IV

March 11, 2019

This week, we bring back our #AMA segment and answer your questions, as received through our Facebook community page. If you're not already a member, you can join at

This is the fourth time we've done this segment, and we really had a great selection of questions to choose from. Here's what we answer in this episode:

Vinyl. We are seeing a strong return of the physical support for the music. For a beginner DJ, is it still worth it? Does it still represent an added value from the point of view of club managers, people, fans, etc. (Giacomo R.)

Specifically for Tony, how do you figure out what you're willing to pay when booking talent? I've heard rough numbers like 50% of expected ticket sales, any insight to guidelines such as that would be appreciated! (Jackson F.)

I wanna hear your views on the new Akai Force. Game changer? Can I trash my Mac, yet? (Jordan R.)

Production of this show. Is there a profit in there, or is it completely a labor of love? What makes you do what you do? How much would you say you have invested into the show since day one? (Corey S.)

I played live for over 6 hours this weekend, and there were multiple intoxicated dancers that were banging things and making so much noise that I couldn't hear in my headphones, monitor, or even the PA to correct the pitch during mixing. What do other DJs do when things like this are happening? (Matthew M.)

I’m looking for advice on how to organize my music on USB stick without using playlists, rekordbox, iTunes or anything else... just by using folders and subfolders. (Eren K.)

Where's the line between being pushy and asking for help? As a newer DJ, I've been asking friends and fellow DJs to listen to mixes. Just want to revisit some best practices for breaking in to the scene to get behind the decks in the club. (Adam C.)

What do you do when you hit a long bridge? Continue working on your beat matching and EQ? Take a break? Look forward to possible tracks down the line? I occasionally find myself frustrated just waiting for the track to kick back in. (Scott C.)

What was the longest set you prepared for? How do you prepare for sets? (Christopher L.)

When do you upgrade your gear? When it breaks? When a new version comes out? What motivates you? Being forced or enticed? (B-Funk)

How long do we plan on being DJs? 😆 lol. When are you guys throwing a PDJ party? (DJ Serrato)

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Episode 176: Direct Support

Episode 176: Direct Support

March 4, 2019

Back in September, Paul Oakenfold visited our hometown, and played a set that none of us will soon forget. Our very own Trip Turlington was tasked with the responsibility of being direct support... in other words, he would play before Paul, and ultimately hand the decks over to him.

Today we take a look back on that special day, as Trip takes a deep dive into his approach to the music on that night. He talks about the importance of maintaining energy without "showboating" or burning out too early. We discuss the planning process, and his approach to track selection. And we discuss how closely Trip followed his original plans, vs. how much he had to pivot in the moment.

Overall, this is an intimate glimpse into the mindset of a DJ tasked with what is arguably the most crucial time slot of the night... the one immediately before the headliner.

Back before the show, we had a similar conversation with Trip in our bonus show. He talked about what he might play, and the directly he might take his set. Those of you who subscribe to us on Patreon have an extra layer of context, which makes his story even more interesting! Gain access to our bonus content by subscribing at

Episode 175: Chatting With Corrupt

Episode 175: Chatting With Corrupt

February 25, 2019

In today's episode we speak with James Caudle, also known as Corrupt. Not only is he a killer performer (as he describes it, a "hybrid" DJ), but he's known for his massive remixes and pounding original tracks.

Corrupt made the hour-long drive from Columbus to visit us in the studio, and tell us all about his life as a working DJ/producer.

Early in his career, he was at the forefront of the music industry around The Ohio State University. While successfully managing four college nights simultaneously, he quickly became the performer everyone planned their weekend around.

Fast-forwardinging a few years, Corrupt's first originals received massive artist support from the likes of Tiesto, Don Diablo, and The Disco Fries. He then followed-up with remixes of The Chainsmokers - Something Just Like This, 3LAU - On My Mind, and Blink 182 - Adam's Song... all which gained him further support from The Chainsmokers, 3LAU, Alison Wonderland, Two Friends, and many more.

With over 1.5M combined track plays, Corrupt's dedicated fan base continues to grow. We truly appreciated the opportunity to gain his insight. Check him out at