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Episode 177: Ask Us Anything IV

Episode 177: Ask Us Anything IV

March 11, 2019

This week, we bring back our #AMA segment and answer your questions, as received through our Facebook community page. If you're not already a member, you can join at

This is the fourth time we've done this segment, and we really had a great selection of questions to choose from. Here's what we answer in this episode:

Vinyl. We are seeing a strong return of the physical support for the music. For a beginner DJ, is it still worth it? Does it still represent an added value from the point of view of club managers, people, fans, etc. (Giacomo R.)

Specifically for Tony, how do you figure out what you're willing to pay when booking talent? I've heard rough numbers like 50% of expected ticket sales, any insight to guidelines such as that would be appreciated! (Jackson F.)

I wanna hear your views on the new Akai Force. Game changer? Can I trash my Mac, yet? (Jordan R.)

Production of this show. Is there a profit in there, or is it completely a labor of love? What makes you do what you do? How much would you say you have invested into the show since day one? (Corey S.)

I played live for over 6 hours this weekend, and there were multiple intoxicated dancers that were banging things and making so much noise that I couldn't hear in my headphones, monitor, or even the PA to correct the pitch during mixing. What do other DJs do when things like this are happening? (Matthew M.)

I’m looking for advice on how to organize my music on USB stick without using playlists, rekordbox, iTunes or anything else... just by using folders and subfolders. (Eren K.)

Where's the line between being pushy and asking for help? As a newer DJ, I've been asking friends and fellow DJs to listen to mixes. Just want to revisit some best practices for breaking in to the scene to get behind the decks in the club. (Adam C.)

What do you do when you hit a long bridge? Continue working on your beat matching and EQ? Take a break? Look forward to possible tracks down the line? I occasionally find myself frustrated just waiting for the track to kick back in. (Scott C.)

What was the longest set you prepared for? How do you prepare for sets? (Christopher L.)

When do you upgrade your gear? When it breaks? When a new version comes out? What motivates you? Being forced or enticed? (B-Funk)

How long do we plan on being DJs? 😆 lol. When are you guys throwing a PDJ party? (DJ Serrato)

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Episode 176: Direct Support

Episode 176: Direct Support

March 4, 2019

Back in September, Paul Oakenfold visited our hometown, and played a set that none of us will soon forget. Our very own Trip Turlington was tasked with the responsibility of being direct support... in other words, he would play before Paul, and ultimately hand the decks over to him.

Today we take a look back on that special day, as Trip takes a deep dive into his approach to the music on that night. He talks about the importance of maintaining energy without "showboating" or burning out too early. We discuss the planning process, and his approach to track selection. And we discuss how closely Trip followed his original plans, vs. how much he had to pivot in the moment.

Overall, this is an intimate glimpse into the mindset of a DJ tasked with what is arguably the most crucial time slot of the night... the one immediately before the headliner.

Back before the show, we had a similar conversation with Trip in our bonus show. He talked about what he might play, and the directly he might take his set. Those of you who subscribe to us on Patreon have an extra layer of context, which makes his story even more interesting! Gain access to our bonus content by subscribing at

Episode 175: Chatting With Corrupt

Episode 175: Chatting With Corrupt

February 25, 2019

In today's episode we speak with James Caudle, also known as Corrupt. Not only is he a killer performer (as he describes it, a "hybrid" DJ), but he's known for his massive remixes and pounding original tracks.

Corrupt made the hour-long drive from Columbus to visit us in the studio, and tell us all about his life as a working DJ/producer.

Early in his career, he was at the forefront of the music industry around The Ohio State University. While successfully managing four college nights simultaneously, he quickly became the performer everyone planned their weekend around.

Fast-forwardinging a few years, Corrupt's first originals received massive artist support from the likes of Tiesto, Don Diablo, and The Disco Fries. He then followed-up with remixes of The Chainsmokers - Something Just Like This, 3LAU - On My Mind, and Blink 182 - Adam's Song... all which gained him further support from The Chainsmokers, 3LAU, Alison Wonderland, Two Friends, and many more.

With over 1.5M combined track plays, Corrupt's dedicated fan base continues to grow. We truly appreciated the opportunity to gain his insight. Check him out at

Episode 174: Mixing Up Athens w/B-Funk

Episode 174: Mixing Up Athens w/B-Funk

February 18, 2019

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On today's episode we sit down with B-Funk: a multi-format, multi-faceted DJ from Athens, OH. Brandon drove several hours to meet with the team and talk shop. He's a long-time fan and supporter of Passionate DJ, so it was great to take the opportunity to put him behind the mic!

We enjoyed speaking with Brandon about his experience with DJing and promotion in Athens. While we are in the same state, we live quite far apart. Athens shares some common traits with our own city of Dayton, but also has some unique struggles.

B also brings a lot of varied experience to the table: he's worked in the festival circuit, he's played bars, he knows how to rock a college crowd, he's experienced with playing weddings, and he's played his own share of "passion gigs". We appreciated hearing his varied perspective.

B-Funk has been producing music since late 2012. He started making house edit and trap bootlegs of classic hip hop songs before stepping into making original house music tracks in 2013.

Raised on Hip Hop and Top 40 music in his home of Athens, Ohio he has a strong understanding of the crowd and uses this past knowledge to weave a seamless mix between Electro, Progressive, Trap, Moombah, and Party Jams in his sets. B-FUNK is a DJ first, that keeps things fresh with a constant mix of genres and styles focused on creating a truly kinetic experience.

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Episode 173: NAMM 2019 (Recap for DJs)

Episode 173: NAMM 2019 (Recap for DJs)

February 11, 2019

My first trip to The NAMM Show was, in a word, overwhelming! There was a lot to see and, I don’t think I could’ve visited every booth I wanted to if my life depended on it.

Still, it was a very exciting time for me to witness the hustle and bustle of this iconic show. NAMM is an annual event, described as “The World’s largest trade-only event for the music products, pro audio, and event tech industry.”

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NAMM stands for the “National Association of Music Merchants”, and was founded in 1901.

It’s a business show which caters to dealers and distributors, with the main draw being product exhibits where manufacturers show off their latest in music products and technology.

Of course, only a very small percentage of the NAMM displays are DJ-related, but it was still pretty difficult to cover all the bases. Ultimately, I decided to focus on a few key items that I thought would be most important to our Passionate DJ audience, and cover those well (going deep rather than wide).

So, I got on a plane from Ohio, where there was snow and ice on the ground, flew across the entire country… over the snow-covered plains and beautiful Rocky Mountains, and many hours later I was enjoying the sunny low-70s weather of the west coast... in January. And it was glorious.

Anaheim was beautiful and the convention center is located almost on top of Disney Land. The walk to-and-from the show was a sea of convention badges and mouse ears.

Inside the convention center, I barely knew what to do. You can go in any direction, up any escalator, and there will be another part of NAMM there just waiting to be explored.

Here's what we will mostly focus on today:

• Denon Prime 4
• Akai Force
• Rane Twelve & Seventy-Two
• Reloop Elite
• Technics SL-1200mk7 vs. RP8000mk2
• Phase DVS
• Traktor DJ 2

Gemini also showed off their all-in-one unit called the SDJ-4000. It seemed to have decent build quality, uses Gemini’s own software, and is essentially a cheaper alternative to the Prime 4 or the Pioneer XDJ-RR.

Speaking of Pioneer, while their entire DJ lineup was well represented at the show… they didn’t really have anything new on display.

Besides all the new Traktor news, Native Instruments also released a new three-octave keyboard called the M32, which is compatible with their Komplete Kontrol plugin and contains transport controls, touchstrips, and so on to control your studio software. NI also released the Audio 1 and Audio 2 sound cards, for very basic connections for those needing inputs on stage.

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Episode 172: Cross Fyre (Festival Documentary Reaction Episode)

Episode 172: Cross Fyre (Festival Documentary Reaction Episode)

February 4, 2019

It's February, which means The Passionate DJ Podcast is back!
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During our break, the Internet was abuzz with the unveiling of two rival documentaries about the utopian island festival that never was.

We watched both the Netflix and Hulu versions, and then brought our perspectives back to this episode.

This episode contains SPOILER ALERTS!

If you plan on watching the documentaries, you may want to watch them *before* listening to this episode.

Fyre Festival was meant to be a musical utopia for well-to-do millennials. Instead, it turned into the festival disaster of the decade.

We talk about the differences in both documentaries (both in content, and in tone), the extreme measures that were taken by some of the workers, and the absolutely disastrous handling of the attendees.

We talk about how the failed festival wreaked havoc for the locals, the financial ruin it caused for business owners, and contemplate whether the debacle has had a lasting negative impact on the overall music scene.

Watch the video version of this episode on our YouTube channel: 

Episode 171: New Year’s Special 2019!

Episode 171: New Year’s Special 2019!

December 31, 2018

Well folks, that’s another great year in the bag! 2018 was a busy one for Passionate DJ, and like we do at the end of each year, we looked back and reflected on everything that made it special.

In this New Year’s celebration show, we start out by having a look at some interesting stats including what the most popular episodes were, and which countries had the most listeners.

We then have a look at all the “firsts” of this year. For example, we finally started making video versions of the podcast, and started our bonus show for supporters. ( We also started The Passionate DJ Community on Facebook… which was one of the best decisions we ever made. Interacting with the fans in a more direct way has been both enjoyable and helpful… and we love learning more about what you do as a DJ.

Per usual, we check in with lots of friends of the show. This episode features short interviews with our friends Kilma, Dubmaster Bluebear, GMoney, Tom Reed, and DJ Brains. We also play clips from the previous year, and voicemail messages that some of you submitted to wish the community a Happy New Year!

All of us here at Passionate DJ hope that your 2019 is an awesome one.

Episode 170: Holiday Record Exchange

Episode 170: Holiday Record Exchange

December 24, 2018

It's time for one of our favorite shows: our annual Holiday Record Exchange!

In this episode of the Passionate DJ Podcast, the whole crew gets together to exchange records for Christmas. We then open the records and play them for each other, while talking about what we like about the tracks, or the memories they bring back.

Unfortunately, YouTube's algorithm is picky and not all of the publishers are cool with us sharing their music on the platform... so we had to cut a lot of the content out. We'll be setting those clips aside to give to our supporters at Patreon. If you'd like access to these bonus shows, please consider joining at

David, Tony, Trip and Mo all have a great time in this episode as we share some laughs, and prepare to wrap up another great year of podcasting... as well as continuing to become better DJs through passion and purpose.

SPOILER ALERT: track listing is below.
Stop reading if you don't want to see it!






Milli Vanilli - Girl I'm Gonna Miss You
The Outfield - Your Love
Gravediggaz - Defective Trip
Prodigy - Keep it Thoro
R.L. Burnside - Poor Black Mattie
The Osborne Brothers - Rocky Top
The Egyptian Lover - Dubb Girls
Outkast - Rosa Parks
Midnight Star - Don't Rock The Boat
Tower of Power - Rock Baby
Tiffany - Could've Been
Cheap Trick - The Flame
The Whispers - Rock Steady

Stay tuned for the bonus episode, for the other half of the songs.

Happy Holidays!

Episode 169: Scam Alerts w/DJ Serrato

Episode 169: Scam Alerts w/DJ Serrato

December 17, 2018

Today in Episode 169, we present a conversation between Mo Dingo and another one of our Passionate DJ Ambassadors, Noel aka DJ Serrato of Phoenix, AZ. As an active mobile DJ advertising his services, he has encountered many different scams and has nearly fallen victim himself.

Noel listened to our episode with DJ Brains last week (Mobile DJ Life), and a Craigslist scam was mentioned that sounded very familiar. In this episode, we explore some of the red lights and warning signs to help keep yourself (and your money) safe!

In the introduction, Tony and David talk about shadiness in the EDM/festival industry, trade booking, and more.

Also, we should mention that we have a winner for our Passionate DJ Holiday Giveaway! Congratulations to Brent Roberts of Cincinnati for being the lucky winner of a Reloop Beatpad 2! As it turns out, it's Brent's birthday too. Awesome!

We'll see you next week for our annual Holiday Record Exchange episode... the whole crew will be in-studio!

Episode 168: Mobile DJ Life w/DJ Brains

Episode 168: Mobile DJ Life w/DJ Brains

December 10, 2018

In Episode 168, David and Mo hang out with special guest and Passionate DJ Ambassador, DJ Brains! In our conversation, we talk about the ins and outs of mobile DJing.

Brains (aka Leo) specializes in weddings, corporate events, and other types of mobile gigs requiring him to bring his own sound and lighting rigs, take requests, and work with responsible parties to ensure a smooth night. With the help of his wife, Leo has been able to run a successful mobile DJ business for years, making sure that he does it on his own terms.

Since Mo does quite a few mobile gigs himself (especially in the fitness space), he also shares his insight about these types of shows. And while the topic is based around mobile DJing, there are plenty of golden nuggets of knowledge to be collected by all types of DJs.

Leo and Mo also talk about their recent attempts at using cloud or streaming libraries in the DJ booth (such as the Spotify integration offered by Algoriddim's djay PRO 2, or the now-defunct PulseLocker service), and tell us whether or not they think streaming is ready for "prime time".

Leo also shares some fascinating (and scary) stories about some recent scams that he nearly fell victim to, and how other mobile DJs can avoid these issues!

By the way – we're giving away a Reloop Beatpad 2 for Christmas! Enter here:

Special thanks to DJ Brains, not only for joining us on today's show, but for being a longtime fan and Ambassador of The Passionate DJ Podcast!