Episode 121: Diving in to Glitch Hop

December 11, 2017

In this week's episode, the crew is doing another deep dive in to a specific genre. This time, it's Glitch Hop! From its humble roots in the obscure Glitch movement of the 90's, to the bass music heavyweights of today like Bassnectar, Glitch Hop has certainly come in to its own.

To illustrate this, Trip guides us through his experience with the genre, and shares some of his favorite tracks from different time periods, and the crew gives their reactions and thoughts on each track.

If you're into artists like Tipper, Kraddy, Pretty Lights, and The Glitch Mob, this is the episode for you. If you have no idea who these people are, or what Glitch Hop is, we invite you to join us as we jump up and glitch out with Trip.

First, what IS Glitch Hop? -- Start here!

And, in case you weren't aware, Trip creates some Glitch Hop that has gotten some attention, in its own right. Our theme music is actually his remix of Evol Intent's "Middle of the Night", and he's had a remix he did for Krafty Kuts released on Funk and Filth's label when he was a runner up in a remix contest. One of his Glitch Hop studio mixes earned him a spot on a major show for Self Diploma in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Below are some links to check out:

The mix that started it all, for Trip - Special shout out to Jack Sheets (aka Mister Shifter)!

Some Trip Turlington Remixes:
Krafty Kuts - "Work That Body" (Trip Turlington Remix)
Evol Intent - "Middle of the Night" (Trip Turlington Remix) - aka the Passionate DJ Podcast Theme Song!
Steve Aoki, Chris Lake, and Tumajo featuring Kid Ink - Delirious (Trip Turlington's "Bone-In" Remix)

A Glitch Hop mix by Trip Turlington!

More artists to check out, if you want to explore more, on your own!

Beats Antique
Beat Fatigue
Blunt Instrument
Freddy Todd
Joe Ford
K Lab
KOAN Sound
K Theory
Love & Light
Mr. Bill
Pretty Lights
Si Begg
Tantric Decks
2 Fingers (Amon Tobin, especially)

And there's SO MANY MORE. This is only intended to be a primer list. Get out there and explore!


Episode 120: Know Thy Cables

December 4, 2017

Introducing, for Episode 120: Arguably, the driest, most nerdy, technical discussion we've had, yet! :-D

Today's episode consists of CABLES. Specifically, all of the cables you may, or may not, run in to as a DJ.

Here, we go through the differences between digital and analog signals, as well as balanced and unbalanced connections. We also get a little in to what it means to have a dirty power source, and what noise and interference are, as well as how to combat it.

The Cables!

  • RCA
  • XLR
  • TRS/TS
  • MIDI
  • USB
  • Ethernet
  • Power Cables
  • Proprietary Cables

Some parting thoughts, to keep in mind as you use and look for cables:

  • There's a lot of hype out there around what a cable is made with. Do your research and make sure the company's reputation and manufacturing standards are as high as their marketing strategy. Often, a cable with a basic shielding that was made well will actually perform better than others with colorful jackets and gold plated tips, and cost a fraction of the price.
  • Length matters - The longer a signal has to travel, the more that it takes to get it to its destination, and the more opportunity it has to pick up unwanted noise. Keep those connections as short as possible!
  • Remember that going from a low grade connection to a higher quality connection does not necessarily mean you've "upgraded" the connection. Mind the source and targets, and the required connection types. Ultimately, especially for a show, you have to make connections however you have to, but don't fool yourself in to thinking you've changed the quality of a connection with a connection adapter!

Episode 119: Spicing Up Your DJ Mixes

November 27, 2017

Ever wonder what you can do to set YOUR mix apart from everyone else's? If you answered YES, then pay attention to Episode 119!

David, Trip, Tony, and Mo touch on several ways to bring something unique to a set or studio mix:

  • Create a diagram or story arc, while utilizing a design, such as a Ramp, Hill, Smile, or Waves to keep the listener interested.

  • Mix harmonically! You don't have to be a music theory genius, but mixing within compatible harmonics is an easy way to pull off a lot of things that would be harder to do, otherwise. (Check out Mixed In Key for a leading example of key detection software).
  • Use more subtle transitions for a more cohesive listening experience. (Great for mashups)
  • Push and Pull: Use restraint and patience… but then deliver! Being able to control energy levels to convey a desired meaning, message, or feeling in a studio mix is just as crucial as reading a live crowd!
  • Changing up your genres is a guaranteed way to get everyone's attention. Just BE CAREFUL when doing this, as it can also be a quick way to kill a vibe, if not done correctly.
  • Spontaneity and Mixing Under Pressure (ie, throw yourself under the bus). Among the many ways to do this, tagging/B2B is one of the best ways to push your comfort zone, which then allows you to learn new techniques from someone else.
  • Mix for yourself (without a plan). Record it, and examine for what you like and don't like, and pay that forward in to the next mix you put out for public consumption.
  • Mind your technical details, such as EQing and gain staging (Check out Platinum Notes for another piece of great software by Mixed In Key that normalizes the gains of your audio library).
  • Put some effort in to the packaging & attractive album art (Check out Canva to get started, if you're not super-handy with graphics and Photoshop)
  • Give the listener some context to relate to the message you are trying to convey.
  • Think of creative ways to share rather than add to the noise!

All of this, and MORE to listen to, as we bash on the last of our turkey leftovers, with eyes toward the upcoming holiday season!


Episode 118: Thanks for the Advice

November 20, 2017

In Episode 118, we started with a show outline, and had a plan.

But, sometimes you have to deviate from the plan. What started out as some solid advice from PDJ Ambassador DJ Brains, turned in us going deep in to a tangent on each of the points proposed in his voicemail message.

Some of the points we discuss:

- That feeling of being overwhelmed, or getting lost, or losing motivation.
- Overcoming the frustration of what "being a DJ" means across different groups of DJs.
- The difference between technology as an augmentation of skill, versus relying on it, exclusively, for your artistry.

Mo Dingo also rejoins us in the studio after being on the road for his sons' football season, and we chat about our Thanksgiving plans, and some things we are thankful for :)


Episode 117: Ask Us Anything (Part 2)

November 13, 2017

Now that we are all back together for Episode 117, this seemed like a great time to do another "Ask Us Anything" episode...aka our take on #AMA. And, you guys came up with some great stuff!

Before we get started, Trip gets to drop a "toldjaso" on the crew upon learning about Pulselocker closing their doors very abruptly, leaving a lot of DJs hanging out to dry.

  • Matt See is converting vinyl to digital, and cleaning up digital files, asking for the most efficient and least soul-sucking way to manage those files.

  • DJ Big Block left us a voicemail about a crashing laptop situation, asking for the best road to recovery, as it is causing issues during his gigs.
  • og10speed is struggling to keep his weekend residency fresh.
  • Tom Reed, one of our Ambassadors, asks what our ideal bookings are, and what would be the worst?
  • Andrea left us a voicemail, wondering where to start DJing, and find a mentor that will stay patient and help her harness her love for music.
  • Brian James aka The Engineer, also an Ambassador, wants to know who was the first DJ we saw that influenced us to become DJs, ourselves?
  • basssnakemusic is currently debating between gear and software he likes and the gear and software that is more "industry standard".

We wrap up the episode with some great advice for beginner DJs from a couple of our Ambassadors. Don't forget that we have merch available in the Passionate DJ Merch Store!

...and if you liked this episode's outro music (Trip Turlington's remix of Nicmor's "Resistance"), you can pick that up at Beatport, courtesy of Base Industry Records!


Episode 116: Fall 2017 Bulletin

November 6, 2017

It's November! Time for us to get caught up on the seasonal updates with our Fall 2017 Bulletin!

  • First, we respond to a voicemail from Avery looking for some clarity on DJ terminology.

  • Thank a Veteran! (United States holiday - Veteran's Day)
  • Pioneer DJS-1000: A totally different piece of gear from Pioneer, focusing on sample based performing, allowing a new way for DJs to create loops, textures, and songs on the fly, or create projects ahead of time and play them "live", while integrating with Pioneer's Pro DJ Link.
  • XDJ-RX2: The next iteration of Pioneer's WILDLY popular completely standalone Rekordbox DJ controller.
  • Reloop Touch - Touch screen controller for Virtual DJ, also includes video mixing at a very reasonable price.
  • Pioneer & TC Supply developed a new protocol over Pro DJ Link to send relevant song and track information to integrate with VJ software, such as Show Control.
  • MixCloud & Warner Music Group strike a deal, leaving many guessing what is to come, since the communication coming from MixCloud does NOT indicate any resemblance to the $9.99/month subscription services already on the market.
  • Berlin nightclub Liquid Sky bans turntables and CDJs to promote alternative styles and technologies for DJ performances.
  • Rusko announces he is cancer-free!
  • Seth Troxler pledges $10k at UMF, which convinced other headliners and the festival organizers to raise money for hurricane relief.

Episode 114: Real Talk

October 23, 2017

For Episode 114, we get real. We've dug up some clips of world-famous DJs and then dissected their own words to discuss how it applies to the rest of us. It's not all glitz and glam, despite these people being where they are, and they all have some very unique insight due to their experiences as mega-stars of the DJ community.

 During the episode, we also review some feedback from Episode 112, the Ambassador Program, and provide some marketing insight to a listener in Nirobi, Kenya.

Also, if you liked the clip of Trip Turlington's track "Get Real", released on Base Industry Records, and want to support, you can purchase it at Beatport or any of your favorite online digital music distributors.


Episode 113: Ten Years Ago

October 16, 2017

What we gonna do right here for Episode 113 is go back. WAY BACK. Back in to time...

Ten years ago. Sounds like a long time, doesn't it? Well, David and Trip take a look back and see how much different everything was:

  • 2007 marked the beginning of the mobile revolution. Apple announced the iPhone, and since then, mobile technology has drastically changed the definition of a phone. As DJs, there's so many apps and ways for our devices to help us DJ, now...all thanks to the advancement of smartphone technology.

  • DJ Mag's Top 100 is saturated in trance and rife with voting controversy. 
  • Beatport's Top 9 selling tracks in 2007 indicates the dominance of electro-house in the years before dubstep domination.
  • Daft Punk releases Alive in 2007 (which went on to win a Grammy in 2009).
  • Grandmaster Flash & The Furious Five were inducted to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.
  • Pioneer launched the DJM-700 and the CDJ-400, Technics put out a super-limited run of 1000 SL-1200MK6, Vestax released the first serious DJ controller (VCI-100), and among several other hardware releases from Behringer, Xone, Korg, and others, the Innofader drops on to the market.
  • Traktor Scratch comes in to being after splitting off from Final Scratch.
  • Beyonce topped the charts in 2007, but the much of the top 20 was saturated by the likes of Akon, Timbaland, Fergie, while Rhianna and others were solidifying their superstar status, as well.

Episode 112: Digging For Bedrock

October 9, 2017

In today’s episode, we spend some time digging into the progressive house and trance sounds of the 1990s and early 2000s. A close friend joins David as a guest co-host, and together, they explore the dark, tribal, melodic, and hypnotic rave sounds of “the Bedrock era”. Predictably, we spend much of the episode talking about Sasha and Digweed, though a few other names come up along the way (Nick Muir, Nick Warren, Sandra Collins, Quivver…)

First, we skim through the Bedrock album… that is, the 1999 DJ mix album titled Bedrock, mixed by John Digweed. From track one, you’re getting a serious lesson in progressive house. Raff ’N’ Freddy’s “Listen” has the uplifting diva vocals and shuffling beat of a house tune, but the dark and hypnotic features of early trance music. The whole mix is put together in such a beautifully cohesive way, that we present it here as one of the greatest examples of its kind.

Next, we have a look at Global Underground 013 (Ibiza) by Sasha. We play through the transition of Space Manoevres - Stage One (Pariah Remix) to Sander Kleinenberg - Sacred, and discuss just how beautiful it is. Things get fairly trancey in the mix… back when “trance” really meant something.

Finally, we explore Global Underground 019 (Los Angeles) by Digweed, which starts out with the classic Apollo Vibes by Pole Folder. This mix gets really down into the nitty gritty, where the influence of the rave is undeniable. This percussive, driving mix demands that your feet move without stopping. We also note how modern techno has really begun to work its way towards the sounds of dark tribal progressive house from yesteryear.

Overall, the conversation between David and his friend Tommy centers around the progressive dance music sounds from the start of the millenium. Other topics covered are: what makes a good transition, trance as an idea (rather than a genre), the joys of mixing vinyl vs. digital DJing, and the tag sets they used to play together in Dayton, 10 years ago.

Sit back, and come along for the journey.