Episode 129: Sharing the Booth

February 12, 2018

Have you ever done a tag team or B2B set with a friend? It takes a little extra something to pull off a great set with someone else in the booth with you, so that's what Episode 129 is all about!

Between NAMM and some other industry news, there's plenty to cover from Ableton, Pioneer, Reloop, Native Instruments, and Phase!

As we're talking about sharing the booth, though, we cover everything from why you would want to, different approaches on how, and even some ways to make even more fun.

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Episode 128: State of the Music Industry

February 5, 2018

For Episode 128, David & the whole crew are together and rummaging through a lot of interesting news that gives us some insight in to the state of the music industry, right now.

From Spotify offering up an unconventionally filed IPO, to cryptocurrencies and their role in protecting artists' rights, things are getting pretty exciting and charting some new territory. But that's not to say the tried and true markers of success, such as live ticket sales and [*gasp*] VINYL SALES aren't beaming as well...because they are.

Adding that DJ gear is an increasingly lucrative business, and an actual robot DJ is now DJing in a club in Prague, that leads to some interesting discussions about how the barriers of entry to DJing are dropping for newcomers to the craft, but the influence of AI and technology is becoming ever more influential for the future.

What does this mean for DJs today, and tomorrow? Sound off in the comments and let us know what YOU think!

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Links mentioned in this episode:
Episode 103: Will Robots Take Our Jobs?
Sophia - Saudi Arabia's first robot/AI with Citizenship



Episode 127: Mashing It Up with DJ 2nd Nature

January 29, 2018

For Episode 127, we present an exclusive interview with 2nd Nature: DJ, VJ, video editor, and sound designer with a repertoire and a reputation that is second to none.

Starting as a DJ at a young age, 2nd Nature (Brett) has honed the skills it takes to rock any party to a razor's edge, from scratch battles to corporate events, and he delivers with unmatched precision.

In this interview, Brett touches on everything from how he got started, to his work flow and how under pressure he performs as if it were "second nature", as well as what it takes to make it and maintain at his level of success. But, we also got an unprompted raw, uncensored look in to what kind of toll it can take on one's physical, mental, and emotional health, as well as a number of techniques Brett uses to combat those issues.

This interview is the kind of "real" that doesn't emerge, often, as many people don't put themselves out there, like Brett did during this episode. It serves as both an inspiration, and a warning, and it's our honor to share his insight with you.

If you are not familiar with 2nd Nature, or his body of work, we assure you, it's not hard to find. Simply Google "2nd Nature" and you get more than enough to keep your eyes, ears, and mind busy for HOURS. But, a great place to start, is the source, so we urge you to visit his website.


Episode 126: The Google Episode II

January 22, 2018

Googling things can be such a fun rabbit hole, and David & the PDJ crew are doing it again in the second installment of "The Google Episode"!!!!

We take a bunch of random questions related to music and DJing, and run it through Google to see what happens!

Find out the answers to the following questions, and more, in Episode 126!

  • Who was the highest paid DJ in 2017?
  • What was the world's first drum machine?
  • What is the origin of the "hip hop air horn"?
  • What was the first digital DJ software?
  • What was the first mp3 file?
  • What was the first DJ mixer?
  • How many remixes of the "Electric Slide" currently exist?
  • What was the first fully produced "electronic music album"?

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Resources from this episode:


Episode 125: Inspiration

January 15, 2018

David & Company are BACK for 2018! And, for Episode 125, fresh back from our 2 week break, we want to start things off on a positive note and find out what inspires us!

Before we dig in to that, though, we have to address the big CPU vulnerability scare, as it relates to us digital DJs. If you're a Serato user on the Mac platform, you may have heard that Serato DJ is not yet compatible with High Sierra, so you can't update your OS, just yet. However, we did find a Serato Support Forum post that has some details for the upgrade (which patches the Spectre and Meltdown issues), and Serato is, indeed, now compatible with High Sierra. Go to this link for more information!

Also, another vulnerability was mentioned in the tech world, albeit not as widely advertised as the Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities, with Western Digital's MyCloud hardware and cloud software. It seems someone intentionally hard-coded a back door in to the MyCloud software. However, if you have one of the affected machines, as long as the firmware is up to date, you should be fine, according to WD.

So, back to the main topic: What inspires YOU? David, Trip, Tony, and Mo go through some of their main points of inspiration, which range from nature to emotionally charged situatiions, exposure to new genres to searching for new music for a gig, festivals and headliners to driving in the car. We can derive inspiration from just about anything we have around us, and it can come from both positive and negative experiences. It's what you DO with that inspiration that really matters.

Speaking of inspiration, the team here at Passionate DJ are inspired to keep making this show better and keep building on the foundation we have, and 2018 is going to be a big year of action, for us. We will be bringing you all the same content you love, but we're also working on a lot of ways to make it better and offer even more. We want you to be an active part of that growth, as the community we serve. One way you can help, is to leave us a review on iTunes! This helps us with visibility within iTunes, and lets us know what you like, and areas we may need to work on.


Other links mentioned in this episode:

Episode 97: Disaster Preparedness


Episode 124: New Year’s Special 2018

January 1, 2018

Happy New Year, and all our best to you and yours for 2018, from the Passionate DJ Team!

Strap in, because we're going to go over the industry happenings of 2017, the gear no one could stop talking about, and the stuff our team did throughout the year. We'll also cover some of our favorite moments on the show over the last year, allude to what's on the horizon for us in 2018, and even take a crack at our clairvoyance skills and see if we can speculate what to expect in the next year.

Of course, the big buzz this year was all about the financial and structural integrity of Soundcloud, as a company. Between Chance the Rapper and some former executives from Vimeo getting involved, Soundcloud seems to be sticking around, but things seemed pretty grim, for a while.

Did Denon convince any of you to #ChangeYourRider? They've been the talk of the hardware circles, all year. Love it or hate it, they are coming out swinging against Pioneer, feature-wise...but it's hard to compete with the tenure and relationship Pioneer DJ has with DJs in booths all over the world.

This past year was no time to rest, for the PDJ team. We all attended the Dayton Record Fair, which we've all agreed is one of our new staple events. And, even though most of us didn't see quite as many gigs as we'd like in 2017, we all reflected back to what we were able to do and use that as fuel to push even harder in 2018.

For Tony, it's all about the next stage and the next adventure, but this year 3DMentional put on his birthday show titled "Another Trip Around The Sun", where they were able to bring the one & only Sasha to little ole Dayton, Ohio. Mo has been tearing up the highways traveling for his sons' football games. Trip tore his ACL and had to have surgery, but didn't let that slow him down (much). David reflects back on doing direct support for Sasha with great pride and excitement, but now yearns for more of that feeling behind the decks.

The team also goes over some of our favorite show moments of 2017, including the LIVE video stream of Episode 100, changing our intro theme music, our interviews with DJ Craze and Mixed in Key, as well as DJ Crazy (no relation) from Mo's visit to grandma's in Jamaica. From fan favorites like the Digging For Bedrock episode, or one of our favorites like Pet Peeves, we've got plenty of flashback clips to look back on.

And, let's not forget our good friend Kilma! David and Kilma got caught up on 2017 happenings and 2018 plans, with some fresh new Kilma kuts as the backdrop. Make sure to check out her Soundcloud, website, and YouTube channel  to stay up to date on her comings and goings, as well as plenty of tips to help DJs along in their aspirations!

Don't forget, we now have merch and an online store, an active Ambassador program that we will be looking to recruit for again in 2018, and TONS of more initiatives we are taking on in the coming year, and looking to involve our community. We're looking to also keep wading deeper in to the video world, and to start generating bonus content for you hardcore Passionate DJs.

Speaking of you, the Passionate DJ community, we can't thank you, enough, for being as supportive, awesome, and engaged as you have been. We are experiencing growth on a consistent basis, and picking up new listeners all the time. You guys are keeping us honest, and on our toes with your questions, comments, and voicemails. Don't stop now! Stay engaged with us, and let's continue to build this awesome community we have going. You truly are why we do what we do, here.

From the bottom of our hearts, here at Passionate DJ, we truly hope you have a safe, happy, and healthy 2018. And remember, we're becoming better DJs, through passion and purpose. Keep on spinning!

(PS -- The outro music for today's episode is an unsigned original from Trip Turlington called "Rise Up" -- Available as a free download from his Soundcloud here!)


Episode 123: Holiday Record Exchange

December 25, 2017

Happy Holidays to you and yours! It may be cold outside, but David & Co are heating things up with our 2nd annual holiday record exchange!

Last year, we went shopping for a vinyl record exchange with each other, Pick 3 style. And it went over so well, we decided to do it again, this year!

Before we dive in, though, we address a couple of voicemails and emails. Thanks to all of you who keep us engaged, year round. We love getting your questions and comments, so keep them coming!

Among today's picks, we take a little detour from our typical electronic and hip hop roots, to explore a little more of our eclectic musical tastes. Though there's a couple of hip hop classics (it just wouldn't be us if there were none), we dive in to everything else from the 80's, to metal, blues, and even parody diss track, among others.

We truly hope that you all have a great holiday season with your family, friends, and beats! And, we look forward to seeing you back here for our big New Year's Episode, next week! From the bottom of our hearts here, at Passionate DJ, thanks for a great 2017 and an even bigger 2018 on the horizon!


Episode 122: Reflections

December 18, 2017

The end of 2017 is fast approaching, and the whole gang got together to reflect back on a crazy year!

As we look back on ourselves, in terms of artist development, we discuss our gigs for the year, mixes we did (or didn't do), and what we wanted to do, but missed the mark on. Tony certainly takes the spotlight this year, in the mixes department, with his Mixcloud Top 100 Prog Chart heater, "Lost & Found".

Mo and Tony spent a lot of time on the road, this year, and 3DMentional had one of their biggest years, yet, which led to one of David's most memorable gigs, ever -- doing direct support for Sasha!

For Trip, the majority of the latter half of the year was spent either being injured by a torn ACL in his knee, or recovering from the surgery. And while that definitely presented some challenges and severely limited his ability to play gigs, he was still able to at least crank out one (unreleased) track, this year. Check it out at Trip Turlington – "Rise Up"!

Things have been busy at Passionate DJ, this year, and they're only going to get bigger and better for 2018!

Plus, PRODUCERS: make sure to check out Captain Plugins from our friends at Mixed in Key! This is a product that expands the functionality of Odesi, directly in to your DAW, so you have the power of Odesi to bang out chord progressions and music theory hacks quickly and effectively, integrated in to your workflow, rather than in an external application!

Also, if you've ever wanted to train to play piano and learn music theory, a new product called Melodics might be a great tool for you! Think Guitar Hero, but using your midi keyboard! And, Ableton Live owners get some extra freebies! 


Episode 121: Diving in to Glitch Hop

December 11, 2017

In this week's episode, the crew is doing another deep dive in to a specific genre. This time, it's Glitch Hop! From its humble roots in the obscure Glitch movement of the 90's, to the bass music heavyweights of today like Bassnectar, Glitch Hop has certainly come in to its own.

To illustrate this, Trip guides us through his experience with the genre, and shares some of his favorite tracks from different time periods, and the crew gives their reactions and thoughts on each track.

If you're into artists like Tipper, Kraddy, Pretty Lights, and The Glitch Mob, this is the episode for you. If you have no idea who these people are, or what Glitch Hop is, we invite you to join us as we jump up and glitch out with Trip.

First, what IS Glitch Hop? -- Start here!

And, in case you weren't aware, Trip creates some Glitch Hop that has gotten some attention, in its own right. Our theme music is actually his remix of Evol Intent's "Middle of the Night", and he's had a remix he did for Krafty Kuts released on Funk and Filth's label when he was a runner up in a remix contest. One of his Glitch Hop studio mixes earned him a spot on a major show for Self Diploma in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Below are some links to check out:

The mix that started it all, for Trip - Special shout out to Jack Sheets (aka Mister Shifter)!

Some Trip Turlington Remixes:
Krafty Kuts - "Work That Body" (Trip Turlington Remix)
Evol Intent - "Middle of the Night" (Trip Turlington Remix) - aka the Passionate DJ Podcast Theme Song!
Steve Aoki, Chris Lake, and Tumajo featuring Kid Ink - Delirious (Trip Turlington's "Bone-In" Remix)

A Glitch Hop mix by Trip Turlington!

More artists to check out, if you want to explore more, on your own!

Beats Antique
Beat Fatigue
Blunt Instrument
Freddy Todd
Joe Ford
K Lab
KOAN Sound
K Theory
Love & Light
Mr. Bill
Pretty Lights
Si Begg
Tantric Decks
2 Fingers (Amon Tobin, especially)

And there's SO MANY MORE. This is only intended to be a primer list. Get out there and explore!


Episode 120: Know Thy Cables

December 4, 2017

Introducing, for Episode 120: Arguably, the driest, most nerdy, technical discussion we've had, yet! :-D

Today's episode consists of CABLES. Specifically, all of the cables you may, or may not, run in to as a DJ.

Here, we go through the differences between digital and analog signals, as well as balanced and unbalanced connections. We also get a little in to what it means to have a dirty power source, and what noise and interference are, as well as how to combat it.

The Cables!

  • RCA
  • XLR
  • TRS/TS
  • MIDI
  • USB
  • Ethernet
  • Power Cables
  • Proprietary Cables

Some parting thoughts, to keep in mind as you use and look for cables:

  • There's a lot of hype out there around what a cable is made with. Do your research and make sure the company's reputation and manufacturing standards are as high as their marketing strategy. Often, a cable with a basic shielding that was made well will actually perform better than others with colorful jackets and gold plated tips, and cost a fraction of the price.
  • Length matters - The longer a signal has to travel, the more that it takes to get it to its destination, and the more opportunity it has to pick up unwanted noise. Keep those connections as short as possible!
  • Remember that going from a low grade connection to a higher quality connection does not necessarily mean you've "upgraded" the connection. Mind the source and targets, and the required connection types. Ultimately, especially for a show, you have to make connections however you have to, but don't fool yourself in to thinking you've changed the quality of a connection with a connection adapter!